Contributors and Governance


Thank you to all the folks who have contributed to this project! They are:

  • Vasundhra Dahiya
  • Vanja Skoric
  • Tina Lassiter
  • Sundar Narayanan
  • Sophia Katrenko
  • Shlomi Hod
  • Shea Brown
  • Ranjit Singh
  • Pamela Jasper
  • Mrin Bhattacharya
  • Luke Richards
  • Kyle Smith
  • Jonathan Poritz
  • John Hurst
  • Jillian Powers
  • Jacqui Ayling
  • Itzel Amieva
  • Gina Helfrich
  • Divij Joshi
  • Debra Erickson
  • Borhane Blili-Hamelin
  • Beth M. Duckles
  • Bernease Herman
  • Bernd Durrwachter


Founder and Director: Borhane Blili-Hamelin

Advisory Committee: Gina Helfrich, Mrin Bhattacharya, Ranjit Singh, Shea Brown, Temi Popo, Tina Lassiter.

We are currently hosted within Open Post Academics, which provides us with Zoom support, and with fiscal sponsorship status. We are currently a fiscally sponsored 501(c)(3) project of the Open Collective Foundation.